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If You Need a Job, You Need ResumeScanner!

Before the global COVID-19 pandemic, the average job advertised online was answered with resumes from 250 applicants. Now, with millions unemployed, the job market has become much more competitive. To get a job you have to get an interview. To get an interview, the hiring manager has to read your resume. With hundreds of resumes competing with yours, how will your resume get noticed?


No hiring manager today will read hundreds of resumes. That would take too much time and is the least efficient way to get the job done. Instead, they use software to rank the resumes. Products like ZipRecruiter score the resumes based on how well they match the job description, then present them in rank order. The hiring manager reads the first resume, decides whether to interview the candidate, then reads the second and so on. By the time the manager has read the top 10 resumes, the interviews are set up. That means 96% of the resumes are never even read!

You must be near the top of the list or you won’t be considered at all. You may be extremely well qualified, in fact you may be the best candidate in the world, but if your resume is not written in a way that gets you to the top of the list no one will ever know.

The only way to get your resume into the top 10 is by using software that helps you match your resume to the job description. That’s where ResumeScanner comes in. ResumeScanner shows you the changes you need to make to improve your matching score. Use ResumeScanner and get to the top of the list!

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