The Smarter Way to Apply for a Job

How Does ResumeScanner Work?

ResumeScanner is designed to accomplish a single task: get your resume noticed, even if you’re competing against hundreds of other candidates. The way we do this is to take advantage of the way companies hire candidates today.

Hiring managers use software (called an Applicant Tracking System) to manage all the resumes. The ATS ranks the resumes by comparing them to the job description. It reads the job description, picks out key words and phrases, then reads the resume to see if the same phrases are present. If there are lots of matches the resume gets a high score.

ResumeScanner does the same thing. It reads the job description, picks out the keywords and phrases, then reads your resume to compare. It assigns a score, but more important, it tells you exactly what changes you need to make to match better. Make a few changes, scan again, make a few more. Your score will improve with every change you make, and you’ll move up in the employer’s list. Make the effort to get a score of 75 or above and you will outrank almost everyone. Now you’re truly competitive!

Keywords in Context

With keywords in context, a feature unique to ResumeScanner, you’ll see each keyword in the job description plus the text before and after the keyword. Don’t just add the keyword to your resume, add the phrase used in the job description that includes the keyword. Matching longer phrases greatly strengthens your match and improves your ranking in employers’ applicant tracking systems. This gives you a better chance for an interview.

In this example, the keyword “presentations” is used 3 times in the job description. Don’t just use “presentation” in your resume, use the phrase your potential employer used. For example:

“performed technical presentations & demonstrations”
“provided presentations both to executive-level and working-level”
“giving sales-oriented presentations”

Or use all three. Now you’re competitive!

Most job seekers have no idea applicant tracking systems play such an important role in the hiring process. This gives you, the informed job seeker a real opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Use ResumeScanner for every job you seek and outsmart the pack.

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