A great Resume Scanner Success Story

We got a call from Margaret in Washington DC. She applied for a Senior Director position at a very well known consulting firm specializing in web applications. She got a rejection email soon after applying for the position. She had applied for a dozen other positions and always the same story- she was either rejected or ignored.

She decided to try ResumeScanner.net. When she scanned her resume against the consulting job description she scored 17 (out of 100). No wonder she was rejected! She followed Resume Scanner’s advice and updated her resume using the keywords and phrases suggested by the software. It took her about 30 minutes to improve her score to 56. She decided to reapply for the same position, even though she had already been rejected. She submitted her resume and within a minute she received an email expressing interest in her application saying a recruiter would personally review her resume. Ten minutes later she received another email saying she would be contacted for an interview. 30 minutes later she received a phone calls to set up an interview. The interview is now scheduled.

She had been rejected for a job, used Resume Scanner and reapplied- and had an interview set up within an hour. ResumeScanner works! If you’re looking for a job, you need to use Resume Scanner to become more competitive. Check us out at http://resumescanner.net/sign-up/

ResumeScanner.net is resume scanner software. It compares your resume to a job description and tells you what keywords and phrases you are missing. Use Resume Scanner every time you apply for a job. For a mere $20 per month, it’s a great investment.