Getting a High Score on ZipRecruiter

In case you haven’t noticed, the airwaves are full of ads for ZipRecruiter these days. ZipRecruiter is a service for employers designed to make the hiring process easier. It provides a single place to manage applicants, but even more important, it finds the best candidates for your job. As the ZipRecruiter ad says, the Smart Matching technology identifies the best candidates for the position. For a hiring manager, ZipRecruiter saves a great deal of time because good candidates will appear in their inbox within minutes of posting a job.

If you listen to the ad carefully, you’ll realize the Smart Matching technology is the key to the process. It’s software that looks at the job description, finds the key words and phrases and reads through a bunch of resumes checking how well each resume matches the job description. It’s pretty simple: if the resume has the same key words and phrases, it will score high. If it has fewer matches, it will score lower. It then sorts the list and presents the very best matches to the employer. It’s great for the hiring manager who may not need to read more than 10 resumes, possibly fewer.

With thousands of businesses using ZipRecruiter, it’s vitally important that your resume matches the job description extremely well. You can try to do it manually, but it’s virtually impossible to perform a keyword analysis of the job description. You need software to do this, and it has to work like ZipRecruiter’s Smart Filter.

ResumeScanner is designed to do this very thing. It presents two boxes. You paste your resume into the box on the left. You paste the job description on the right. Press one button and the keywords in your resume will be compared to the keywords in the job description. ResumeScanner then shows you what keywords are used the most often in the job description and how often you are using them. It shows the context around how the keyword is used, allowing you to use the same phrases in your resume.

When a typical user scans their resume and job description the first time, they get a matching score in the low 20s. After about half an hour revising their resume to match the job they typically boost their score to 70 or 80. If you use ResumeScanner, you will place much higher on the list and the employer will be much more likely to contact you for an interview.

We’ve received hundreds of thank you notes from people who have found their dream job wiht ResumeScanner. That’s because ResumeScanner works.

If you’re serious about getting a good job soon, try ResumeScanner.